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Introducing the all new ULTRALOQ Handle Push Pull

Designed for daily use

ULTRALOQ door handle operates by push or pull

The ULTRALOQ door handle allows for easy access to opening doors, even when your hands are full. You can either push it using a finger, elbow, or hip, or pull it with the handle of an umbrella. This convenient feature allows for seamless entry into rooms without the need to set down your belongings.

Designed for those busy moments throughout the day

  • Perfectly match your favorite ULTRALOQ Smart Locks

    Homeowners today are taking care to make their homes beautiful and functional, and in today's world, fine designs make people's homes up to date with the trends and make it fit their lifestyles.

  • Works friendly with your come and go

    It cares about you when you get out of the car with groceries or kids. It allows you to go through the door very easy when your hands are full. Whether you're carring a baby, on the phone, or going to do laundry, just simply bump the handle push pull with your elbow, or pull the lever with your finger.

  • Fits and works on all standard doors

    Home improvment isn't all about major renovations, even smallest details are being redesigned to make our life easier and more functional. ULTRALOQ hands-free door handle can be installed on doors that either swing inward or outward from a room. It is great for your Front door and back door, and for interior doors , such as pantries, laundry rooms, basement, playroom & more!

  • Easy Installation

    Replacing an existing doorknob or lever with ULTRALOQ push-pull lever is an easy job that only requires a screwdriver and a few minutes of your time, and Flexible installation of handle direction.

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