At U-tec, we harness technology's positive impact on communities. Our initiative, "Safe Harbor Homes", focuses on bolstering the safety and security of senior and low-income households.

Our mission

"Safe Harbor Homes" dedicates itself to providing smart locks, ensuring families in need find protection and attention in their homes—more than shelters. These homes are the epicenters of love and connection. Our goal is to donate and install smart locks, offering peace of mind and maintaining these spaces as secure havens for families.

Why "Safe Harbor Homes"?

Community-Centric Approach: Prioritizing well-being, especially for the vulnerable members of our community.

Technology for Good: Leveraging smart lock technology for tangible benefits—providing convenience and security.

Personalized Support: Tailoring assistance to the unique needs of each family ensures meaningful and impactful support.

How to Join "Safe Harbor Homes"?

Nonprofit housing providers, share your entry management needs via our form. This helps us tailor support to each household's unique requirements.

After form submission, personalized interviews assess each family's circumstances. Our human-centered approach ensures assistance aligns with individual needs.

Post-interview, approved households receive prompt smart lock shipments. Our dedicated team ensures professional installation, immediately enhancing security.

Join us in making a difference.

Let's create "Safe Harbor Homes", where every family feels secure, protected, and cherished. U-tec is committed to fostering safety and well-being, believing every home should be a sanctuary.

Become a partner

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