50% of the energy consumption in our production process is replaced by photovoltaic energy. In 2030, we will build a factory that uses only renewable energy and is total environmentally friendly.

The inner packaging boxes of ULTRALOQ locks are sugarcane bagasse, and the outer packaging boxes are recycled paper. Compared to traditional plastic packaging, sugarcane peels reduce 50 tons of plastic pollution annually. Moreover, 80% - 90% of the materials of U-tec product can be recycled.


ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock

Other Smart Locks

Design, Low-power BLE & Wi-Fi

We optimize hardware design by using more energy-efficient components, as well as implementing software algorithms and techniques to manage and control the energy usage of the device, thereby extending the battery life. It also allows the device to be more compact and lightweight, as it only requires a smaller, lighter battery.



U-tec Smart Plug & Smart Switch provide Schedule & Timer. You can set lamps and other plug-in devices to automatically turn off under your schedule.

Bright energy-efficient LED lightbulbs save up to 900,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity for 50,000 households annually compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. With remote control and scheduled shutdown, you will no longer forget to manually turn off the device.


EcoCart's Carbon Neutrality

To reduce carbon footprint, we have joined EcoCart's Global Forestry Projects, where consumers can choose to contribute $1 to a carbon-neutral program when they buy a product. The consumer contributions of this project will be used to plant trees, which have neutralized 505,174 lb of CO₂.

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