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We pride ourselves on having a fully in-house team of engineers, designers, marketers and product specialists. Each department works tirelessly to develop top-quality products. We have a passion for turning technology into simple and cost-effective solutions that benefit everyone, not just the very rich or extreme technologically savvy. We enjoy what we do and the people we do it with.

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Customer reviews

  • All 4 cameras work great. Good field of vision, day or night. Even a couple of dinosaurs like us figured it out!! Don't have to be computer savvy. Much easier than I thought.

    Roger S.

  • I get an excellent price-quality product. I will consider again to purchase more CamGuadian products from this provider.

    Dave V.

  • The CamGuardian images were very wide and clear. It was pretty easy to get the remote-viewing software running on my android-based Samsung S3 phone. I also have the output going via HDMI to my TV, which was extremely straightforward.

    Carlos R.

  • This unit after two weeks on line has preform perfect. Tech support has been very helpful an in my case has gone out of there way to help. I look at many units they all have good points but this unit has all the bells a home owner or business person needs. Good unit Good price Great service.

    Chris H.

  • Everything needed is included. Even little tightening wrenches. Easy install. Nice system.

    Dennis K. R.

  • I chose CamGuardian for the fact that even though it includes 4 cameras, I can expand it to 8 if necessary. The "power-over-ethernet" feature was also a MUST (basically the cameras are powered over the same ethernet cables that connect them to the receiver).

    Gary J.

  • I bought this camera system as a home monitor solution for my 6-month old baby and 60-year old mom. We iPhones, and having this camera has been a great alternative to the overpriced junky ones they sell at retail stores. I really like the ability to remote monitor the cameras. I highly recommend this camera system.

    Jack D.

  • The 1TB storage is good for me. With the 4 cameras continuously recording it will store over 4 month worth of footage. I can even expand it for 8TB for 2 year of footage! Very satisfied.

    Dan J. H.