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The Ultimate Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions for Every Door

ULTRALOQ Air is a cloud access control platform with unified hardware, software and services built for every space where security matters. It enables you - property owners, property managers, security administrators, developers and homeowners to control the access of your properties in any scale from anywhere.

Built for Every Industry

Residential Properties
  • Streamlines multi-site access management for any number of units and properties with fully remote, cloud-based software.
  • Improve the residents’ entry experience with cutting edge Fingerprint ID, touchless NFC and mobile access.
  • Send a temporary code to the home buyer for a self-guided home tour.
  • Increase rents, cut down on labor costs, and quicken lease-up time across the board for your communities.
Commercial Properties
  • Easily manage time based access for authorized offices or shared workplace from any location.
  • Gives your tenants the security and convenience they’re looking for with advanced NFC and mobile technology.
  • Better help leasing agents show available office space with remote unlock capabilities and scheduled guest access.
  • Reduce operating costs. No more exchanging keys and rekeying cost. No more wasted time administering those keys.
Short-term Rentals
  • Manage all rental properties remotely from one web platform.
  • Send access codes to guests which is only valid for the duration of booking and one time code to cleaners.
  • Increase revenue and create an exceptional guest experience for improved security and convenience. 
  • Save time and money by eliminating key handover in person and rekeying costs from guests losing keys.
  • Manage total access of your business through a single interface even across multiple locations.
  • Level up the security via advanced fingerprint technology, touchless smartphone NFC or app.
  • Grant access to employees to authorized spaces during authorized times.
  • Reduce IT costs with no expensive licensing or software to renew.
Home Builders
  • Sell properties faster and increase profit potential.
  • Impress buyers and improve home value.
  • Deliver an unparalleled keyless entry experience to home buyers.
  • Easy to install and setup. Save labour cost and time.

Become a Master Access Manager with ULTRALOQ Air

One Dashboard For All

Manage Access Not Keys

Eliminate the security risk and labor cost of exchanging and managing keys. Simply grant permanent or temporary access via code or mobile credential to residents, guests, employees or service people from the web.

  • Residents

    Easy access home via fingerprint, smartphone NFC or mobile app.

  • Employees

    Upgrade your business to highest security standards with easy control.

  • Guests

    Grant access remotely to guests, or share a code to regular visitors for specific dates or times.

  • Delivery man, contractors or service people

    Assign a one time access for a single entry.

Unmatched Access Experience

Let residents and employees have the flexibility to choose different access methods like fingerprint, smartphone, key fobs and more.

    Best-in-class Hardware Trusted by 1 Million

    Just like Apple, we design our own hardware to seamlessly work with our platform for superior user experience from WiFi and Bluetooth enalbed smart deadbolts to levers.

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