In recent years, with the implementation of environmental policies and the increasing health awareness, more and more people have realized the importance of Earth's protection and pursued a healthy and environmental lifestyle in daily life.

In the smart home industry, many brands pay more attention to product material, function and transport for providing high-quality products and services and ensuring a healthy, comfortable, environmental and energy-saving living environment. Thus, this article will show how ULTRALOQ to represent energy-saving and environmental concept.

Environmental impact of digital locks and mobile keys

As we’ve known, administration of physical keys is a time-consuming process. Keys are usually kept centrally at one or several offices, meaning those needing access need to go there to pick up and return the necessary keys.

When access to a building needs to be shared, one or both parties has to drive to collect or deliver, and return keys. For example, kilometers driven by property managers of Airbnb caused the higher CO2 emissions.

In many cases people needing access will go straight to the property and require someone to drive there to open and lock doors for them. An example of this is an electrician or plumber who is assigned work on a property.

Mobile keys reduce the need for physical distribution of keys

Digital keys, created instantly by you through the app, can be shared as quickly as sending a text message. Thus, you can grant access directly to those who need it without the need for anyone to drive to handle keys.

This results in fewer trips and lower emissions. Moreover, the materials and energy for making duplicate keys will be saved whenever physical keys are lost, misplaced.

A research shows that distribution of physical keys results in more than 2000 km driven annually for each property. To be specific, this can save 0.25 tonnes of CO2 per building, per year.

Environmental friendly and renewable package material

ULTRALOQ smart lock can not only satisfy the demand for intelligent protection and intelligent unlocking but integrate the environmental concept into product production and outside package.

By takeing toxic waste seriously, and ensures that all ULTRALOQ parts, systems and products are in full compliance with the latest environmental standards and include PVC-free, RoHS, WEEE, and REACH compliancy.

The battery itself has a five-year lifespan and is completely recyclable, allowing for harmless disposal. For that matter, 90% of the entire door lock is recyclable.

Energy-saving and high efficiency for a cleaner world

Due to Ultra-low-power Wi-Fi SoC and bluetooth low energy, the Ultraloq smart lock can be continuously used for 13 months under being used 10 times a day. It handles the hassle of replacing batteries frequently and reduces energy consumption to some extent.

Smart locks run on battery and "wake up" completely only when you need to validate access, so they consume little energy.