Every business is looking for ways to maximize their revenue opportunity, and expand their reach in the market.

U-tec Reseller Partner Program (URPP) offers all the marketing & sales tools, pre-sales & technical support and necessary training, to educate U-tec Resellers how to market and resell U-tec products and drive customer adoption. This page describes all the elements of the U-tec Reseller Program and the value it brings you, our partner. You will also find information on what is expected from a partner and how to join the program.



Industry-leading Products and Technology

U-tec innovation focuses on delivering an outstanding customer experience, developing industry-leading products and technology, developing best-in-class partnerships, and building the best team in the industry.

Attractive Partner Margins

U-tec works with a so-called recommended Retail Price List for its products. Based on this Retail Price List, U-tec offers its partners an attractive margin. Next to the margin on the products itself, the partner also benefits from margin on installation and accessories.

Partner Portal

U-tec Partner Portal allows you to place orders online from any device and check tracking information.

Brand Marketing

U-tec will develop brand Marketing activities to stimulate customer demand and increase the awareness of U-tec Products. These activities include (but are not limited to): Trade shows, seminars and exhibitions, PR activities, Ad campaigns,Web, Google etc.

Partners will benefit from the leads that will be generated via these brand marketing activities.

Marketing Materials

U-tec offers partners a rich set of marketing materials, e.g. product brochures, videos, presentations, high resolution pictures that partner can use to market and sell the U-tec Products. Each new partner receives a standard set of these marketing materials free of charge as part of the Partner (Sales) Toolkit.

Technical Support

U-tec provides phone and email direct support to all the customers, which makes things easy for partners. Dedicated Technical Support for U-tec Reseller Partners

Dedicated Partner Account Manage

U-tec Reseller Partners are assigned a Partner Account Manager. The Partner Account Manager is the first point of contact for all U-tec related queries and helps drive the sales.

Drop Ship Service

If you don’t want to keep stock, we can deliver directly to your customer.

How to Join?

The first step in becoming a U-tec Reseller is filling an online registration form. We will then go through all the aspects of becoming a partner and share with you details around pricing, internal use discounts and legal aspects.

We value new partners, and is why this is a non-automated process, which is being led by members of the Management Team personally.

Become a partner

Become a U-tec partner and start to sell innovative products that are making life better for everyone. You'll get discounted pricing, professional training and tools, VIP support, and customer referrals to help your business gpartner-row.

U-tec Reseller Registration Form