Achieva donated 230 UL3BT smart locks to physically challenged people

The advent of technology has only made life easier for all people. The launch of keyless door locks has made it possible for physically challenged people to work independently. A keyless lock system makes use of a finger or a smartphone rather than a traditional key. This removes the inconvenience of carrying the key at all times.

As the largest provider of lifelong supports for people with disabilities and their families in southwestern Pennsylvania, Achieva envisions a community where all people live a life of personal significance. Its services range from early intervention treatment and employment support to special needs trusts and support for families and communities.

The Challenge

The typical set-up for a residence can include multiple barriers to independent living. And the biggest barrier of all? The doors.

Prior to receiving ULTRALOQ, people are physically challenged gained access to their residence and room with a standard mechanical key. They find it difficult to carry cumbersome mechanical keys or remember the codes. A smart door lock can remove that barrier and help them get convenient access more easily than with mechanical keys.

What' mroe, the biggest security risk to previous method occurred as residents lost their keys or misplaced their keys. Obviously, the process is far simpler with the fingerprint, code, key or smartphone to unlock.

The Solution: ULTRALOQ UL3BT

As part of a mission to promote universal accessibility, Acheiva collaborated with ULTRALOQ to create an intelligent, accessible home for people , and ULTRALOQ UL3BT was chosen to adapt to people with diverse needs.

Ultraloq UL3 BT (2nd Gen) is a smart lock handle designed to be "Real Keyless". You are free to use fingerprint, code, key or smartphone to unlock. ULTRALOQ UL3BT is featured by the Two-Layer protection using secure 128-bit AES and a Dynamic Key. Thanks to ultra-low power consuption technology, ULTRALOQ UL3 battery could support one year regular usage and will send low battery notifications, to be specific, there are up to 8000 times access.

Most importantly, the ULTRALOQ lock enables a resident to open their door without exerting any force. It is possible to open the door remotely from mobile devices like a smartphone, smart watch or even using voice to control. It’s also easy to check door status anytime and from anywhere, or to configure an incident alert on your smart phone. In the event of a fire, it is still possible to leave the house because the lock is mechanically controlled.

Key Benefits:

Easy to Unlock

ULTRALOQ is quite simple to unlock compared to regular locks, especially for people with physical limitations, as they may find it tough to insert the key into a keyhole and turn it to unlock the lock. Further, the locks are linked to smartphones , which makes it possible to unlock the doors with a push of a button or a shake of the phone.

Sharing with security

Disabled individuals might want caregivers to visit them when they have appointed them to come. With ULTRALOQ installed on your front door, it is easier and safer to give permission to unlock your home to others.

An ULTRALOQ lock removes the need to get keys cut for a cleaner, carer or family member: you can let them in using the smart phone to share access when you are not home or are too lazy to open the exterior door. With digital keys, there’s no risk someone can make a physical copy. A digital key can be instantly revoked if it falls into the wrong hands.

More powerful features

ULTRALOQ can be efficiently programmed to create a schedule to assist regular visitors to enter the home, even without a key, at a time allocated by the homeowner. This is a major advantage for people with special needs as it is easier for visitors to visit them if they are resting or sleeping or in the need for emergency assistance.

"They can offer mental peace and security to people with special needs knowing that helpers will only come at the expected times. ", Oliver, the manager of Acheiva community presented.

Users also could set a time for the UL3 BT to automatically lock after the door is closed. "It is very usefulr when we need to go in and out half a dozen times." Nic, one of the users said happily.

The Result

WIth the help of Acheiva, 50 private homes spread over two counties in Western Pennsylvania have already installed nearly 230 ULTRALOQ locks—adding security and convenience to every room. As ULTRALOQ continues to serve the residents at Acheiva community, Empire Property Group is looking to bring smarter access to other commerical projects. “We’ve already seen how successful ULTRALOQ can be at our community. It only makes sense to look at retrofitting our other properties with ULTRALOQ to help streamline access management for those people with disabilities as well,” said Oliver, manager of Acheiva.