Ed and his wife have found themselves in a bit of a pickle with their intelligent Maine Coon cats, Phoebe and Phantom (both 2.5 years old). These feline prodigies have mastered the art of "unlocking" doors, which has been quite challenging for the couple. Living in Lake Tahoe, nestled near the mountains, they face the constant presence of wildlife, including bears and sneaky coyotes (they walk through basically every day!) that view their kitties as potential "snack-aroos." To keep Phoebe and Phantom safe, Ed and his wife built a lovely "catio" to provide them with a scenic view— but they yearn for something more!

One fine morning, while Ed's wife was walking their dogs—big brother Gus—she unintentionally forgot to lock the door. Meanwhile, Ed was working at his desk when he saw Phoebe's paw reaching up, skillfully pulling down on the door lever, and voila—the door swung OPEN! Luckily, Ed was there to save the day, preventing Phoebe from going outside alone and potentially encountering danger. Although Ed and his wife knew that "some cats" possess door-opening prowess, they had never seen it in action with their cats.

Determined to find a solution, Ed and his wife pondered over the matter. They couldn't go on constantly worrying about whether they remembered manually locking the door every time they took the dogs for a walk or went out. Ed's wife said, "If only there was a deadbolt that would automatically close after a few seconds." And lo and behold, their search led them to ULTRALOQ! ;)

Installing and setting up the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt series proved to be a breeze, and it came with an innovative feature that brought immense peace of mind to Ed's family. The smart lock automatically locks itself after 30 seconds (default), ensuring their clever cats can't unlock it at will even if they can reach the door lever. 

But that's not all! Ed was delighted to share that they can now provide their pet sitter with her own access code. No more hassle with extra keys or uncertainty about when and who's coming and going. Thanks to ULTRALOQ's smart lock, Ed's wife exclaims, "It's the best thing ever!"

So, if you ever find yourself in a situation where your furry friends seem to outsmart traditional locks, fear not! ULTRALOQ's smart lock is here to save the day and ensure the safety of your precious pets. With ULTRALOQ, you'll have peace of mind, convenience, and the cutest little escape artists will be kept safely indoors, where they belong.