U-tec will launch Bright, the world's first Wi-Fi Mesh smart lighting bulb without Hub, at CES. U-tec will be at CES exhibiting at the Venetian Expo, booth 52623 and at ShowStoppers, January 9 in Las Vegas.

Bright A19 1100LM is an innovative smart bulb that offers Wi-Fi mesh connectivity and seamless control without the need for an extra hub. Users can enjoy vivid brilliance with 1100 lumens, choose from 16 million colors, and effortlessly set the perfect ambiance with scene-based group control. Energy-efficient and long-lasting, this smart bulb allows for customization through an intuitive mobile app.

Key features of Bright A19 1100LM include:

Built-in Wi-Fi Mesh for more convenience

The U-tec Wi-Fi Mesh system enables you to connect numerous Bright smart bulbs throughout your house and enhances the connection stability of your home lighting system. It breaks the distance limitations of a single router, offering a broader connection range for group control of multiple bulbs.

Sometimes too many smart devices on your Wi-Fi can cause drop off on your network. With multiple mesh nodes, Bright bulbs don’t consume much bandwidth or even slow down Wi-Fi, because only the root bulb connects to the router, and counts as one device.

This system ensures consistent, efficient response of all bulbs, regardless of their position.

Vivid Illumination for more Brightness

Compared to other smart bulbs the Bright LED Bulb stands tall with a whooping 1,100 lumen above most smart bulbs rated offering 800 lumens of brightness, which means the 11-watt Bright bulb color shines brighter than the standard 60-watt light bulb.

Scene-Based Group Control for Health and Interesting

Bright allows for creation and customization of scenes for various activities, enhancing your smart home experience with seamless and immersive lighting.

Waking up to gently increasing light is less jarring than an alarm. If you struggle with getting up, a smart light gradually simulates the sunrise and would get you out of bed as early as 5:00 am.

It can also send you to bed early by simulating sunset and changing your room to feel a lot cozier. Syncing your lights to the color of the sun throughout the day has been shown to help you feel more energized when you need to and start to wind down when it’s time.

Color-changing bulbs are fun for parties and events, perfect when you want to match the ambiance to a particular celebration or mood.

Bright will not bring you wine and flowers, but it will match the vibe of the music you’re listening to, dim the lights, and set the perfect mood for a romantic night with your partner, all with the touch of a button or voice command.

Bright is also useful for notifications and can be set to turn blue if it’s raining outside or red if you just got an email from your boss, through the IFTTT service. 

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