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Lighting made smart, Bright made right

World's First WiFi Mesh Smart Lighting Bulb without Hub

Meet and Join the Bright Family Revolution Today!{' '}

Bright is the ultimate solution for complete control over every light in your home, whether you want the perfect ambiance, energy-saving capabilities, or one-touch convenience.

  • Simple Setup with Alexa


  • 1100-2200 Lumens

  • Remote Control

  • Voice Control

  • Radar Human Detection

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Bright, Broader

    The U-tec WiFi Mesh system enables you to connect numerous Bright smart bulbs throughout your house and enhances the connection stability of your home or office lighting system.

  • Bright, Brighter

    Compared to other bulbs of the same type, Bright smart bulbs emit more illumination.

  • Voice Control

    Remote Control

    Bright, Easier

    Controlling the lights by simply commanding Alexa always feels effortless, while the remote control feature in the U-tec app brings peace of mind.{' '}

  • Bright, Simpler

    Connecting Bright smart bulbs with Alexa is a breeze, and managing them through the U-tec app is a piece of cake, giving you complete control over the entire lighting system.

  • Bright, Healthier

    Healthier smart bulbs are soon to arrive, providing you with a health guardian at home that looks after your well-being.

More ways to control

Easily control your Ulticam security cameras with the user-friendly U-tec app.

One app for more devices

Imagine living in a home that obeys your every command...where virtually every device and system can be controlled remotely and fully automated.

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